Grand Prix

A very versatile tyre, thanks to its construction, it can be used in all conditions: in mud, hard terrain and fine sand. It is also characterized by high strength and durability.

Grand Prix
  • Grand Prix
Tread model Front/rear Size RS (in) LSR TT/TL OD (mm/in) SW (mm/in) TD (mm/in)
C7202 FRONT 80/100-21 1.85x21 51M TT 707/27.8 95/3.7 13.5/0.53
C7203 REAR 100/90-19 2.50x19 57M TT 683/26.9 118/46 17.0/0.67
C7203 REAR 110/90-19 2.50x19 62M TT 695/27.4 127/5.0 17.0/0.67
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