About us

Cheng Shin Tire (CST), a company manufacturing CST tires, was established in Taiwan in 1967. It started its activity from manufacturing bicycle tires, gradually entering other market segments and extending its offer with tires for motorbikes, quads, trucks, cars, forklifts and buses. Regardless of the type of tires, the company's priority has always been to produce top quality tires.

 Today, Cheng Shin Tire is at the forefront of the global tire industry, ranking 1st among bicycle tire manufacturers and 10th in all tires. CST tires are now available in more than 150 countries, including in Poland since 2003.

The exclusive Polish representative of the CST brand is OGUMIENIE CST S.C. based in Zabrze.

Ogumienie CST (CST Poland) is a dynamically growing company, taking a big step forward each year. For several years now, the flagship CST project in Poland has been the CST 7R MTB Team, led by multiple Polish champion Dariusz Batek. More and more cycling teams in Poland have been using CST tires, including the Hurom Sławno Accent Team or the Michał Kwiatkowski Copernicus Cycling Academy. In 2019, we also took part in the famous Cape Epic stage race, fitting one of the Polish teams with CST tires. As CST Poland, we are present globally by participating in the Bike Jamboree relay race around the world. Participants of this bold expedition also benefit from reliable CST tires.

We cooperate not only with cyclists; we have a strong presence in the MX or ATV world, sponsoring leading motocross riders such as Maciej Więckowski or the Lobo Moto team. We also don’t forget about young, promising athletes like Kacper Dębiec.