Przewiń w dół Przewiń w dół

The group led by Przemysław Gierczak has been supported by CST for some time now. The cooperation began a few years ago, when Marta Turoboś, the club leader from Sławno, became the CST brand ambassador. Marta is the current Polish Champion in the MTB Eliminator, with several additional titles, medals and victories. Expanding the cooperation onto all the club’s players was a very good investment, because the team from Sławno is constantly developing and achieving increasingly better results both in Poland and internationally.

– Our priorities do not change. Our goal is to continue growing and to do our best in competing at a high level. The ongoing satisfaction from our hard work and the joy we bring to our fans are extremely important to us. We’re counting on your support for better or for worse – says coach Przemysław Gierczak.