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The flagship project of CST Poland is the CST 7R MTB Team. The team was created in 2017 and since then we’ve witnessed two Polish championships in the MTB marathon won by Dariusz Batek, as well as many victories in the most important races in Poland. The crucial move before last season was the acquiring of a title sponsor in the form of the 7R SA developer company. This time we can announce that the CST 7R MTB Team has obtained a UCI license, with which Elite competitors will race in the new season. Dariusz Batek and Michał Neumann were joined by Michalina Ziółkowska, Karol Rożek and Paweł Garczyk, who together form the professional CST 7R team. We hope that this team will achieve great results not only domestically.

However, the CST 7R MTB Team is more than the five people mentioned above. Important team members include also Michał Kucewicz, Karol Kucięba, Maciej Pitach and Michał Kwiatek, who will be competing under the CST 7R banner in the most important marathons in Poland.

– I am very pleased that our CST 7R team will be racing with a UCI license from this year on. Every year we make progress, everything happens as we planned before the first joint season. We have better and better athletes with us and we have stable partners who help us in our development. Now we’re going a step further; the CST 7R team has been noticed and recognized. I’m not afraid to say that our prestige has grown strongly over the last two years. We do not forget, however, that the demands on the team are also increasing. New, serious challenges lie ahead of us. Most importantly, we still want to grow and we’re focused on the future. I believe that next year we will be able to say again that we took another step in the right direction – says Dariusz Batek, CST 7R team leader.