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Marta Turoboś, CST brand ambassador.

Marta Turoboś is a very talented player, regularly achieving very good results in all varieties of mountain biking. She has also been associated with our brand for years, which we are always very happy about. This cooperation has been reflected in time in Marta's home club, Hurom Sławno Accent Team - since 2017 all of the group's players have successfully ridden on CST tires.

Marta Turoboś is a representative of Poland, multiple Polish Championship medallist and winner of many races of different rank and category. Besides, she is a great girl, very popular in cycling circles and more.

Of all CST tires Marta likes B-Trail most. - For me it's the best tyre I've ever ridden," she says briefly.

Currently, Marta has two Polish Champion T-shirts: the MTB Eliminator (XCE) and the Cross-Country Cycling (CX).
Last year in Chinese Chengdu she took an excellent fourth place in the XCE World Championship.